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The North Hills Sports Car Club was founded in late 1957 and formally incorporated in July of 1958. The original members of the club were in the forefront of the post World War II sports car revolution.

Our By Laws state "the purpose of the club is to promote interest in sports cars". We provide a local organized outlet for the auto enthusiast and a place where they can interact with others who share their love for sports cars.

The Club provides the organization and the sanction needed to sponsor many types of competition and social events that provide the enthusiast the opportunity to drive their car as it was meant to be driven; fast yet safely.

We sponsor a yearly Autocross series at the North Park Swimming Pool Parking Lot, and other social events for members and their families. In addition to the formal club events, many of our members participate in other automotive activities, such as time trial, vintage racing, road racing, and marque club events. It is always great fun to go along to help and cheer your friends' efforts.

Our meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month at locations around the North Hills area. The meetings are casual and relaxed, and focus as much on legal beverage and good food as on Club business.

Board Members

Doug drives a Fiero
Doug Bober


Matt drives a Model 3
Matt Simmons

Vice President

Dave drives an Elantra N
Dave Schneider


Tom drives a GTI
Tom Wuelette


Eric drives a GT3
Eric Coffman