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NHSCC is a proud sponsor of the Allegheny County Parks Foundation.

You should be too.

A brief history of the Autumn Leaf event by Larry Steckel.

It's that time of year again.

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Next up:

Apr 18 Autocross #2 Noth Park Pool Lot

Apr 21 Membership Meeting The Clubhouse (Depending on the Governor)

The Apr 21 General Membership Meeting shall be held with two attendance options for the near future.

1. In-person at our winter home, The Clubhouse on Route 8, Richland Township. The management has set aside the larger banquet hall at the left rear of the building, through the large glass doors. Table count has been reduced and spread apart for proper distancing.

2. On-line attendance via Zoom Video Conferencing. This option is only available to members of the North Hills Sports Car Club. Zoom login information will be emailed to members the Monday before the meeting.

Regardless which Attendance Option you choose, the meeting officially starts at 8:00 PM and should only last one hour. Keep a close eye on the Club's web site and Facebook for any changes that may occur since this was posted.

President Doug


For 2021 Helmets must be Snell rated, 2020, 2015, 2010 or 2005.

No DOT only helmets.

Course Designers!

Good Reading! (If your building a course, it's more like_ required_ reading.)

Course Design Handbook

Photo of North Park Pool lot to aid you in your quest for a well designed course.

A video from the beginnings of the North Hills Sports Car Club at North Park