North Hills Sports Car Club

The autocross results posted on this web site were published using Finish-Time for Windows and Macintosh. These pages use AJAX, JavaScript, and Cascading Style Sheets to define content when posting LIVE results from the event site and the final results after the event.

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The title above the results grid on each page denotes if the posted results are Official or Un-Official.

Use the menu located on the left side of this page to navigate to each page.

The Event Results menu lists the results sorted by Class and by Best Run. For more details about your run, click on your name to reveal a detailed page showing all of your runs, the variance from your best run, and the PAX Indexed time for each run. Located below this table is a comparison to the Best driver in your class

The PAX Results menu lists each competitor sorted by their PAX Indexed Time in their respective class.

The Best Runs menu lists each competitor sorted by their best adjusted time in their respective class.

The Top Drivers menu lists the Top Times of the Day in each catagory such as Stock, Prepared, etc.

Located at the top of each page is a table containing the autocross events Event Status, Venue, FTD (Fastest Time of the Day), number of Drivers, number of Runs, and the Last Page Update, etc.